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Solicitor in Velez-Malaga

The answer is simple: You need the help of a professional expert capable of expediting all your legal paperwork in the municipality.
Velez-Malaga is part of the autonomous community of Andalusia, which, like other local governments, has specific regulations and taxes that frequently suffer significant variations that you must attend to in a timely manner.
Do not be surprised, for example, by the adjustments made in this autonomous community in terms of inheritances where the exempt limit for the payment of taxes was increased, as announced by the Board, to one million Euros in case of inheriting the assets of a direct relative (spouses, children, grandchildren, and parents).

But this issue will require not only the advice of a lawyer in Velez-Malaga or solicitor in Velez-Malaga but also more specialized knowledge regarding the details of local legislation in terms of sales and property purchases, regulation of rental housing with tourism purposes, donations, regularization of your legal status in the community and required payments.
Also, if you need it, you can hire the services of English-speaking solicitors to assist you submitting documents, paying taxes, and processing other paperwork about the legal procedures that you require in the appropriate way and on time.
Avoid living your life outside of the law and contact a solicitor that can offer you support, so that these steps are expedited, and you enjoy their benefits as soon as possible.

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Solicitor in Malaga ¿Do you want buy a house?

Buying a house in Velez-Malaga

There are many details that you should consider if you made the decision to buy a house in Velez-Malaga, since this is a transaction where you will surely require the advice of a good lawyer or solicitor that can clarify your doubts and explain the procedures during the process, complying with the normative and making the payment of the corresponding local and national taxes to buy a house in Spain.

It is important to consider the procedures if you buy an “off-plan” property that is still under construction.

In the case of a house ready to move in, you must first make a formal offer with a price that fits your budget. Then, you sign a booking contract making an advanced payment of at least 10% of the total purchase. That way, you confirm that the purchase-sale transaction will be made as your solicitor will surely insist until reaching an agreement.

Remember that if you are a foreigner you must have your NIE to be able to buy a house in Spain, aside from your passport and perhaps a bank account in Spain.

Avoid buying a property that will lead to later problems and make sure you verify in the Registry that the property you are going to buy in fact belongs to the seller, that is legalized and does not have debts (you can contact your lawyer to help you with these procedures).

If you do not have enough money to buy a house in Velez-Malaga, evaluate other financing options.

When it comes to taxes, the regulations change constantly according to the autonomous community where the house is located.

Consider that in case of a resale and new purchase, taxes may differ slightly.

If you are going to buy a house in Spain, both parties (buyer and seller) must be present before the notary to close the purchase and to finally exchange the contracts. A representative of a financial institution must be included in the meeting if assistance was required for financing purposes.

Selling a house in Velez-Malaga

To sell a house in Spain, you must have a copy of the notarial deed in which you are accredited as the real owner of the property, a document which must specify the exact details that appear on the Property Registry. In this way, the buyer will trust you as sole owner and at the same time, you will comply with the law.

If you plan to buy a house in Spain, request a notarial deed that is public and granted by an authorized notary, a document that exceeds the scope of a private one since its legal regulation by the State guarantees that its content is true.

A copy of this deed is usually used since the original is filed at the office of the Notary who authorizes the same, and finally ends up in the historical archive.

Do not forget that if you plan to sell your house you need to have the last receipt of the IBI (Real Estate Tax) handy, a requirement that someone who plans to buy a house in Velez-Malaga should not forget to request since it represents the annual payment of a specific amount to the town hall made by the owner of the home.

If you buy a new home, you must pay the added value tax (VAT) and in the case of a used home, you will pay the Property Transfer Tax (ITP), a tax that is levied on expensive transfers.

Other important documents that you may need to have handy are the invoices for the most recent payments of water and electricity services for the property, as well as a current residence certificate and a certificate regarding the payment of expenses in the neighbourhood community.

Also, in case of the sale of an apartment, the Spanish government has also requested the mandatory presentation of the Energy Performance Certificate of the Building.

Legal and Tax Help Services

Our specialisations are in Property Law, Litigation and Taxes, Conveyancing, Tax Advice, Wills & Inheritance, Litigation, Non Resident Tax, Resident Tax, Company Formation, Accountancy, Corporate Tax. We have English speaking staff and experience of representing British nationals.

We can provide legal and tax advice aid you need.

Tax Services


When you start a new business and are self employed, you need an expert team to provide you with the assistance to be a Sole Trader (autónomo)…

Small Companies

Our Accountants can prepare your company tax returns. The Spanish tax law is very complicated and a specialist on tax affairs is necessary.

Inheritance Tax

The Inheritance tax is a tax on your assets that must be paid by your heirs  when you pass away. On many occasions , the tax to be paid…

Non Resident Tax

There is a direct connection between the Non Resident Tax and owning a property in Spain, but the fiscal consequences could be very different…

Tax Return

The Spanish tax return system is very complicated and obscure, and can be a big challenge for expats and foreigners living in Spain. There are exemptions

Capital Gains Tax

If you are thinking of selling a property in Spain, there are some issues that you must bear in mind beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. One of these issues is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and for this reason we are going to explain what the CGT is and how to benefit from some reductions.

Legal Services

Property Convenyancing

The property conveyancing is a procedure that consists of buying or selling a property and it will usually be between your solicitor and the solicitor

Wills and Succesion

If you own a property in Spain now is the time to make a Spanish Will, to cover all your assets in Spain. Who needs to make a Spanish Will?

Legalization of properties

On the 15th of July 2016 a new law came into force regarding the legalization of houses built in the country. The majority of the houses built in the country in Axarquía area, are built on land called SUELO NO URBANIZABLE O RÚSTICO, in locations where it was not permitted to be built.

Residence & NIE

NIE is the Foreigner Identification Number given to non-Spaniards in order to identify them. This number is used in all bureaucratic proceedings and is required if you wish to buy a car, rent or buy a home, open a bank account, and other cases in which you need to identify yourself.

Solicitors and Accountant services in Velez-Malaga

You will always need a trusted accountant for your financial transactions to clearly discuss and prepare a fiscal plan appropriate to your reality.

Having an solicitor and accountant in Velez-Malaga is essential for the proper calculation of the required payments and income in your accounts. Do not forget that this municipality belongs the autonomous community of Andalusia where there are constant changes, as in any other local government. For that reason, for example, you must handle everything related to inheritance taxes (if you make a transaction where you must adhere to this rule), a tax that was discussed and modified a few months ago with the approval of the Board, and is already in force.

You must also know and pay on time the amount of taxes stipulated by the local and national government on other procedures.

These are details that not only the resident should know, but all those who should pay taxes, even from overseas, as well as non-resident taxes that must be applied and calculated according to their status, by professional accountants who are familiar with and can expedite the necessary procedures.

The financial movements of a person can be organized and paid on time, and this applies even to those who are self-employed or in small limited companies. This calculation is not a problem for a diligent accountant with whom you can solve any inconvenience or financial requirement that you have.

Think no further and ask for the assistance of an accountant in Velez-Malaga and a solicitor in Velez-Malaga to guide you through each step of any of your proceedings and the correct and timely payment of taxes and legal requirements.

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