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Solicitor in Torrox

Do not be surprised by a procedure without having the appropriate legal advice. It is important to consider the assistance of a lawyer or solicitor for different types of procedures since you need to know the necessary steps to be followed to perform them correctly.

You must be aware that in matters related to transfer and legalization of properties, successions, NIE and residence etc. these are procedures that require specific steps where only experts can help.

For the legalization of properties: If you hire the services of a lawyer in Torrox, you must make sure to establish the right as the new owner of the property by applying for the declaration of title to the land and verify that the data of the new acquisition is up-to-date in the official archives and Cadastre.

Foreigners who want to live in Spain legally, to invest or sell their properties could use the help of solicitors to process the relevant documentation correctly. Even if you do not speak Spanish, you can get the assistance of English-speaking lawyers who are well-trained to give you advice:

  • Transfer of properties: In this subject, the regulations change very often depending on the autonomous community where they are implemented, so it is wise to hire a lawyer in Torrox, Malaga so he/she can explain the specific requirements in Andalusia.
  • Inheritances: If you wish to leave a property as an inheritance in Spain or you have inherited it in Torrox (which belongs of the autonomous community of Andalusia) find out about the current laws that govern inheritances by consulting a solicitor in Torrox.

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Solicitor in Malaga ¿Do you want buy a house?

Buying a house in Torrox

Without a doubt, buy a house represents a large investment where many aspects that must be addressed in a timely manner are involved.

When it comes to the legal procedures for acquisition, these should go hand in hand with the demands of the central government and the autonomous community, which in the case of buying a house in Torrox, it corresponds to the regulations in Andalusia.

So, to buy a house in Spain or anywhere else, you must consider first the budget destined for such purpose, a maximum limit amount for the purchase.

Upon choosing the most appropriate option out of those considered, if you do not have enough money additional financing can be an option to consider.

Request a certificate of both the land and the house before the Land Registry: Request the official property files, do not rely on certificates issued by real estate agencies or individuals, only municipalities can issue official documents that state the current conditions of the property.

It is also important to visit the property and pay attention to the lighting of the house, room layout, noise, paint, ventilation (bathrooms and kitchens), electrical installation status, etc.

Reviewing the environment is a task that must be included (neighbourhood, nearby recreational areas, available services, etc.).

Once the purchase price has been negotiated with the seller, the transaction must be secured by signing a contract whereby the seller receives a percentage (10%) of the price of the house.

After closing the sale before a notary, it is important to verify that the corresponding changes are made to demonstrate the new ownership of the house and land.

It is worth mentioning that if any of the parties involved, seller or buyer, are foreigners, they must have legal status to carry out this type of operation.

Selling a house in Torrox

One of the most important aspects to sell a house is to build trust with the interested buyers, by being fully open and presenting the documentation of the property.

The procedure will begin by publishing the intention to sell the property in question (asking for a reasonable price, since the point is not auctioning or speculating on the property).

Once there are people interested to buy the house in Spain, the conditions of the house must be shown to them, as well as the documents that are kept at the Official Registry and confirmation of the timely payment of taxes (which in case of buying a house in Torrox will depend on the requirements of the autonomous government of Andalusia).

In this case, the advice of a solicitor who is responsible for reviewing each step to be followed is appropriate. A professional should look through the final deeds of the sale that must clearly state the situation of the property in the locality, the names of the assignor and the assignee, the legal description of the property, the cost of the operation and the signature of the assignor. It is worth mentioning that this operation must be done in the presence of a notary public and a representative of the bank if additional financing was requested for that purpose.

Taxes to pay upon buying a house in Spain:

  • Used home: The Property Transfer Tax-ITP (which taxes onerous transfers) must be paid.
  • New home: The value-added tax (VAT) must be paid.

After closing the operation:

  • A lawyer can make sure that the data about the house is up-to-date in the Property Registry.
  • The new owner should try to appear as such in the services related to the house and be careful to keep all the supporting documents presented during the negotiation.

Legal and Tax Help Services

Our specialisations are in Property Law, Litigation and Taxes, Conveyancing, Tax Advice, Wills & Inheritance, Litigation, Non Resident Tax, Resident Tax, Company Formation, Accountancy, Corporate Tax. We have English speaking staff and experience of representing British nationals.

We can provide legal and tax advice aid you need.

Tax Services


When you start a new business and are self employed, you need an expert team to provide you with the assistance to be a Sole Trader (autónomo)…

Small Companies

Our Accountants can prepare your company tax returns. The Spanish tax law is very complicated and a specialist on tax affairs is necessary.

Inheritance Tax

The Inheritance tax is a tax on your assets that must be paid by your heirs  when you pass away. On many occasions , the tax to be paid…

Non Resident Tax

There is a direct connection between the Non Resident Tax and owning a property in Spain, but the fiscal consequences could be very different…

Tax Return

The Spanish tax return system is very complicated and obscure, and can be a big challenge for expats and foreigners living in Spain. There are exemptions

Capital Gains Tax

If you are thinking of selling a property in Spain, there are some issues that you must bear in mind beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. One of these issues is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and for this reason we are going to explain what the CGT is and how to benefit from some reductions.

Legal Services

Property Convenyancing

The property conveyancing is a procedure that consists of buying or selling a property and it will usually be between your solicitor and the solicitor

Wills and Succesion

If you own a property in Spain now is the time to make a Spanish Will, to cover all your assets in Spain. Who needs to make a Spanish Will?

Legalization of properties

On the 15th of July 2016 a new law came into force regarding the legalization of houses built in the country. The majority of the houses built in the country in Axarquía area, are built on land called SUELO NO URBANIZABLE O RÚSTICO, in locations where it was not permitted to be built.

Residence & NIE

NIE is the Foreigner Identification Number given to non-Spaniards in order to identify them. This number is used in all bureaucratic proceedings and is required if you wish to buy a car, rent or buy a home, open a bank account, and other cases in which you need to identify yourself.

Solicitors and Accountants in Torrox

The payment of taxes in Spain is not only limited to the national scope since each autonomous community of the country has its own regulations that stipulate the payment of local taxes. Although the payment of these taxes (regional or national) is undoubtedly a rather unpopular measure among taxpayers, such taxes must be paid in a timely manner, and this is where the advice of an accountant can guarantee a more detailed calculation of the expense they represent.

Effective estimation of taxes for non-residents or residents who are self-employed or belong to limited companies, etc. are only part of the cluster of financial transactions where these figures are involved, which also requires at least once a year, a tax planning that allows these individuals, particularly those self-employed or in limited companies, to follow a budget that guarantees survival over time. After all, having your accounts in order and keeping expenses under control is the best scenario for a self-employed worker.

An accountant in Torrox must take care of issues related to national taxation but specifically should offer advice to his/her client in the requirements of the autonomous community of Andalusia, where specific taxes apply especially in matters of inheritance taxes, which were recently modified based on agreements that came into effect at the beginning of 2018.

It is important to consider that to determine the autonomous community where the corresponding inheritance taxes must be paid, the main residence of the deceased for the longest time over the last five years until the death is the location considered.

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