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Ask our English speaking solicitors in Nerja

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Ask our English speaking solicitors in Nerja

You must be certainly captivated by the warm weather in Nerja, aside from its charm, and you want to invest in this town that belongs to the province of Malaga. Nerja is part of the autonomous community of Andalusia, where specific provisions apply for buying a house and selling a property as well as other procedures, as it is the case in other communities in Spain.

Then, keep in mind that to understand the requirements and documents necessary for personal and commercial investments in this region, you will always need legal advice to make sure that you comply with the legislation of the autonomous community and to clarify any doubts that may arise regarding the correct procedures to follow.

In Andalusia, specifically, there have been frequent and important legislative reforms that must be considered as they have changed the legal landscape. When you plan to acquire a property, you must meet these and other requirements in a safer and simpler manner, and that applies to the legalization of a property, a process in which you will need the help of a solicitor in Nerja or a lawyer in Nerja to verify the data of said property in the Municipal Register, since it must match the official archives and Cadastre, as well as to check the good conditions of the land or construction for sale.

For these and other reasons, do not wait any longer and seek the necessary legal advice. Even if you are a foreigner, you will find English-speaking lawyers or solicitors available to help make your investment a reality without setbacks. You can obtain the help that you need in the section Legal and Tax Help.

Solicitor in Malaga ¿Do you want buy a house?

Buy a house in Nerja

To buy a house in Spain is essential to choose the perfect place and for the construction to meet the minimum requirements to make it habitable. Said requirements must be known to perfection, and you will need legal advice to verify the data and physical state of the property, thus, clarifying any doubts about the house since it will certainly represent an important investment.

In addition to the country’s regulations, the specific local procedures, and payments to be made to the autonomous community to which the town belongs must be considered, which in the case of Nerja (Malaga) corresponds to Andalusia.

It happens that the amounts vary in many regions and must be paid in the periods provided to enjoy even some deductions contemplated by some autonomous communities.

To comply with the details and conditions contemplated in buying a house in Nerja is appropriate to have efficient legal services that speed up and verify all the data, from the booking contract to the files related to the property that are kept in the registry, the possible debts that weigh on the property, plans, verification of the tax number of those involved in the transaction or NIE in case of foreigners and bank account in the country, among some details that can only be confirmed by a solicitor who can also timely identify any irregularity.

In some specific cases, the advice of a solicitor can be also effective to manage the refund of the capital gains tax since this professional can expedite the presentation of the corresponding requirements of this municipal tax that must be refunded later.

Always remember that to buy a house in Spain you should try to get the most expeditious way that allows you to get the best investment with the least risk, this is one of the best reasons to hire legal advice that guarantees the correct transaction in terms of time and management.

Tips to sell a house in Nerja

Selling a house in Spain is not a complicated process but it certainly requires the help of a solicitor in Nerja or if it’s required an English-speaking lawyer to expedite the procedures and make sure that the entire process complies with the legal guidelines.

The following are the basic expenses and documents and that you must have handy and updated to sell your house in Spain, showing your good faith to the buyer:

  • Property Deed.
  • Certificate of urban non-infringement (indicating the property is free of charges and fines before the City Hall).
  • IBI (property tax) – SUMA: Present the last receipt (and even have on hand the last three or five paid annual receipts).
  • Recent water and electricity bills.
  • When you sell a house or a property try to have the residence certificate (document where the City Council confirms that the property is ready to live in it).
  • This certificate is also necessary for the timely domestic supply function of the services of electricity, gas, and water.

These and other requirements are essential so that the transfer between “the buyer and seller is as satisfactory as possible.”

Although selling or buying a house in Nerja, as in the rest of Spain, requires some initiatives. Try to implement the following tips when it comes to getting a good price:

  • Verify the timely payment of taxes and charges on the property.
  • Fix or repair the property to prepare it to be visited, even decorate it, and highlight its best features to have more chances of success during open house visits.
  • Clean the property thoroughly.
  • For example, make sure that unpleasant odours from pets, if any, cannot be perceived. Fill the space with fresh scents.
  • If you are the owner, don’t show it yourself, give that task to someone else.
  • When considering the sale price, think about it more as a real estate property in the market with advantages and disadvantages, rather than the value of the house.

Legal and Tax Help Services

Our specialisations are in Property Law, Litigation and Taxes, Conveyancing, Tax Advice, Wills & Inheritance, Litigation, Non Resident Tax, Resident Tax, Company Formation, Accountancy, Corporate Tax. We have English speaking staff and experience of representing British nationals.

We can provide legal and tax advice aid you need.

Accountants and Solicitors in Nerja

The services of an accountant or a solicitor are necessary to manage the purchase and sale of properties and in many other aspects of the daily life of Spanish society.

The payment of taxes and the planning of finances is a subject that affects both the buyer and the seller. After all, both will make the payments of the corresponding liens, so buyer and seller will want to keep their money safe.

Other instances where the advice of an accountant in Nerja is appropriate are the payment of inheritances taxes in Andalusia, a calculation in which the recent changes that took effect this January 1 should also be considered, so a professional expert is the right person to guide you regarding these changes.

Being a community susceptible to the presence of foreigners who are attracted by its warm and summery weather, the payment of non-residents taxes could also require an accountant in Nerja to expedite the payment procedures for taxes and other charges.

The taxes also apply to those self-employed or who have small limited companies, who can benefit from hiring an accountant to calculate these taxes and to provide knowledge in the preparation of a tax planning that also allows them to know their possibilities for growth.

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