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Solicitor in Marbella

Whether you are a Company planning to do business or an individual living in Marbella, Legal and Tax Help in Marbella is one of the most efficient and professional legal firms to advise you.

Since 2005, Legal and Tax Help has been providing expert conveyancing services. We have an independent legal service to help the clients. Whether it is just a request or you are looking for a solicitor in Marbella we offer you exceptional, cost-cutting services whilst giving you the friendliest service possible. We target to build strong relationships with all of our customers, as your satisfaction is of vital significance to all of the team here. We can offer you comprehensive information and advice about any request you have about Legal and Tax in Spain.

If you have a legal question or are looking for solicitors in Marbella, you can contact us and we will attend to you without obligation as soon as possible.

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Solicitor in Malaga ¿Do you want buy a house?

English-Speaking Lawyers in Marbella

Buying a house in Spain

If you´re thinking of buying a house in Marbella, you should know the Spanish purchase process. In Spain the notary’s legal responsibility is very limited. Furthermore, because of the decentralized bureaucratic structure Spanish property law (conveyancing) can be rather complex. Buying a house is one of the largest investments in a person’s life and the consequences of any legal problems can be severe. Therefore it´s advisable to hire solicitor in order to conduct the very important legal investigation.

Lawyer´s responsibilities during the purchase process

All the legal work when buying a house in Spain can efficiently be carried out by a lawyer through a public power of attorney signed at the notary. Once the purchaser and vendor have reached a price agreement the responsibilities of the lawyer are as follows:

  • Reservation contract
  • Fiscal NIE number & Spanish bank account
  • Legal investigation.

The importance of the legal investigation 

A lawyer is the only based on his experience that knows exactly how to deal with administrative irregularities and can solve most problems that might surface during the legal investigation. Furthermore, we have the obligation to inform our clients about all steps in the process, the exact buying conditions and all possible risks concerning the purchase. So, during the purchase process we will check:

  • Land Registry (Registro de la Propiedad)
  • Cadastre (Catastro)
  • Town hall archives
  • Building licence
  • Licence of First Occupation
  • Urban planning
  • Juridical correspondence
  • Energy certificate
  • Outstanding debts..
  • Legal, financial and fiscal advice
  • Negotiations with the vendor
  • Spanish mortgage
  • Technical surveys
  • Private purchase contract
  • Title deeds
  • After-sales
    • Tax payment:In Andalucia the transfer tax ITP is 8% up to € 400.000, or 10% IVA/VAT should be paid when buying a new build property.
    • Registrations:Correct registration of the property and the land at the Land Registry & Cadastre.
    • Service contracts:Changing service contracts plus corresponding direct debits of electricity, water, IBI (yearly local real estate tax), owner´s association (comunidad), etc.
  • Spanish will

 The purchase of a house or an apartment in Spain

If you like to know more about the Spanish purchase process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Legal and Tax Help Services

Our specialisations are in Property Law, Litigation and Taxes, Conveyancing, Tax Advice, Wills & Inheritance, Litigation, Non Resident Tax, Resident Tax, Company Formation, Accountancy, Corporate Tax. We have English speaking staff and experience of representing British nationals.

We can provide legal and tax advice aid you need.

Solicitors and Accountant in Marbella

We are Qualified Expert Specialists in both Legal and Tax Affairs since 1998. We offer all Clients, both private and Companies, complete Legal and Tax Services. Our aim is to give you the best advice possible. Our Specialists in Law, Business and Tax Affairs are competent, reliable and professional at all times and work with you and for you in every aspect.

Our solicitor is fully conversant with all Legal Procedures including conveyancing, Litigation, Divorce Proceedings, House buying  and selling, Will and Testaments, Resident  and Non-Resident problems.

Our Accountant is fully qualified, specializing in Personal and Company taxes, problematic tax disputes and has a vast knowledge of all Resident and Non-Resident issues. She  is also fully coherent with the “English workings of the Inland Revenue” and the procedures for obtaining tax refunds where necessary.

There are constant changes in the Spanish legal and Accountancy systems and we are fully aware of the problems these cause.


We are expertly aided by our Qualified Professional Personnel.


We are affiliated with our other Company “Helping Axarquia”. We assist and advise on all matters and with our network of accredited contacts can cover all your needs.

Our combined careers of Solicitor and Accountant aim to give you peace of mind in all walks of life. We will give you professional, expert, honest and trustworthy assistance to enable you to enjoy your retirement or extended holidays.

Our offices are located in Velez Malaga with nearby parking facilities.

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