Solicitor in Frigiliana

Keep in mind that all legal procedures require a knowledgeable lawyer to review and carry out each necessary procedure in a timely manner. A series of procedures that may include the sale or purchase of a property, updating documents or other procedures.

Frigiliana is located in the region of La Axarquía, a municipality in the province of Malaga, which belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia. For this reason, this Spanish town must comply with national regulations and with the Andalusian normative.

Avoid being surprised by the adjustments that have come into force in Andalusia hiring solicitors in Frigiliana, who are familiar with these regulations. These professionals are prepared to solve your issues related, for example, to inheritances, a matter on which new regulations announced by the local Government are in force as of 2018.

If you require the services of a lawyer in Frigiliana do not hesitate to hire the best, who can clarify what the rights of a new owner are and draft the land title declaration in case of the transfer of a property. They are also experts in the search and update of data in the Municipal Registry and Cadastre, as well as being able to find technicians to ensure the good conditions of the land and/or construction of the property.

Legal advice will always be necessary and even more so in these locations characterized by tourism. Additionally, if you are a foreigner, you will probably require English-speaking lawyers and can explain every step to be followed in your negotiations.

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Solicitor in Frigiliana

Solicitor in Malaga ¿Do you want buy a house?

Buying a house in Frigiliana

When you decide to buy a house in Spain it is important to consider the expert advice of a lawyer for guidance. And if you have already chosen a home, the following step is for a professional to verify its status, the burdens that weigh on the property, the payment of taxes on the transactions that must be made for its acquisition and other procedures that guarantee your purchase.

When you buy a house in Spain it is also important to consider details such as if one of the people involved in the negotiations is a foreigner; if that is the case, said person must have a current NIE and a bank account in the country. Another aspect to consider is the verification of the physical status of the property. These issues or procedures can generate anxiety when you are facing a large investment.

Therefore, keep in mind that if you choose to buy a house in Frigiliana, the same must comply with your requirements. Evaluate the location, services and nearby businesses and get legal advice from specialized solicitors in Frigiliana who are familiar with the local and national legislation.

Remember as well that it is not the same to buy a house based on the blueprints (still under construction) than a home ready for occupancy, which implies different procedures such as a tax payment or a final price offer that must be frequently renegotiated with the necessary prior legal advice and if it is required, English-speaking lawyers.

Buying a house in Spain must represent an investment designed to win, without room for errors or losses, in which potential risks as well as unnecessary expenses must be minimized. Ideally, this should be an effective operation, which after putting everything in order, can be successfully completed.

Choosing the property according to your needs, being familiar with the rules and having legal advice are three elements that can make a difference for your investment if you decide to buy a house in Frigiliana.

Selling a house in Frigiliana

When you decide to sell a house in Spain it is a good idea to have the assistance of a solicitor to speed up and perform the relevant procedures on time.

To build trust in future buyers remember to have handy a copy of the notarial deed that certifies you as the current owner of the property (this requirement must be on file as well in the Municipal Register).

Also, you may need to keep a copy of the following in case you are required to present it:

  • Receipt of the last updated Real Property Tax payment IBI-SUMA (include the receipts in addition to the last three payments).
  • Urban non-infringement certificate (proving that the property is free of charges and fines at the City Council).
  • The most recent payments of water and electricity bills.

These requirements must be accompanied by a “residence certificate” issued by the local government, confirming that the property is in habitable conditions, which is necessary to guarantee the supply of domestic services such as light, gas and water.

The process to sell a house in Frigiliana begins with the publication of the notice of sale, then the property is shown to those interested. The procedure will continue once the people interested verify their conditions and express interest in continuing with the operation to buy the house.

At this point, the property documents (guaranteeing this information matches what is on file in the Official Registry) will be shown to the potential buyers, along with up-to-date receipts for the payment of taxes and different services, as well as other requirements depending on the Spanish ordinances and those issued by the corresponding autonomous government based on the location of the house (in this case, Andalusia).

In any transaction involving selling or buying a house in Frigiliana or Spain, a lawyer, and if it is necessary English-speaking lawyers, must verify that the document to be presented before a notary public is clear about the terms of said transaction. It is also important to verify “the names of the assignor and the assignee, the legal description of the property, the cost of the operation and the corresponding signatures.”

Legal and Tax Help Services

Our specialisations are in Property Law, Litigation and Taxes, Conveyancing, Tax Advice, Wills & Inheritance, Litigation, Non Resident Tax, Resident Tax, Company Formation, Accountancy, Corporate Tax. We have English speaking staff and experience of representing British nationals.

We can provide legal and tax advice aid you need.

Tax Services


When you start a new business and are self employed, you need an expert team to provide you with the assistance to be a Sole Trader (autónomo)…

Small Companies

Our Accountants can prepare your company tax returns. The Spanish tax law is very complicated and a specialist on tax affairs is necessary.

Inheritance Tax

The Inheritance tax is a tax on your assets that must be paid by your heirs  when you pass away. On many occasions , the tax to be paid…

Non Resident Tax

There is a direct connection between the Non Resident Tax and owning a property in Spain, but the fiscal consequences could be very different…

Tax Return

The Spanish tax return system is very complicated and obscure, and can be a big challenge for expats and foreigners living in Spain. There are exemptions

Capital Gains Tax

If you are thinking of selling a property in Spain, there are some issues that you must bear in mind beforehand in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. One of these issues is the Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and for this reason we are going to explain what the CGT is and how to benefit from some reductions.

Legal Services

Property Convenyancing

The property conveyancing is a procedure that consists of buying or selling a property and it will usually be between your solicitor and the solicitor

Wills and Succesion

If you own a property in Spain now is the time to make a Spanish Will, to cover all your assets in Spain. Who needs to make a Spanish Will?

Legalization of properties

On the 15th of July 2016 a new law came into force regarding the legalization of houses built in the country. The majority of the houses built in the country in Axarquía area, are built on land called SUELO NO URBANIZABLE O RÚSTICO, in locations where it was not permitted to be built.

Residence & NIE

NIE is the Foreigner Identification Number given to non-Spaniards in order to identify them. This number is used in all bureaucratic proceedings and is required if you wish to buy a car, rent or buy a home, open a bank account, and other cases in which you need to identify yourself.

Solicitors and Accountant services in Frigiliana

Accounting services in Frigiliana should be considered knowing, first of all, that this town is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia; therefore, whoever practices this profession in Frigiliana must be familiar with the different normative
applicable in this region.
Accountants shall consider possible modifications in cases such as those involving the verification of the distribution of an inheritance, through a will, or even the preparation thereof. In addition, the procedures related to inheritance taxes must also be considered, since the application of this tax was recently discussed, and its corresponding modification issued for the Government of Andalusia is already in force.
It is important to be clear about what you need before choosing an accountant, thus consider if what you need is to prepare a personal balance sheet and your tax planning or these procedures corresponding to your company. In each case, your requirements will be different, and you must keep them in mind to guide and evaluate the performance and services of this professional.
The following cases probably require the advice of an expert:

The initiative to keep you accounts updated and maintaining a clear accounting of the same will guarantee a better adjustment of your personal budget. In any case, the calculation of expenses and income to your accounts will represent a step towards your autonomy, and who better to provide you with proper advice in the matter than an accountant. Do not hesitate to hire a professional who can expedite all your administrative procedures and help you balance your budget, with
whom you can count to avoid last minute surprises that hit your pocket.

Investing always involves some risk, but it can become a safer experience going hand in hand with an expert.


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