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Possible situations to request legal and accounting services

If you are interested in other procedures and you are a foreigner visiting the city to stay for more than three months, the process to obtain the NIE (Foreign Citizen Identification Number for its initials in Spanish) can certainly help you on many occasions within the country. This document guarantees legality if you accompany a relative, work in a Spanish company, study or work freelance. Did you know that you can apply for it even if you are not yet in Spain, but you already have a travel date and a clear reason?

The payment of your taxes can also cause you many inconveniences, but if you must declare and pay them in Malaga, legal and accounting services will help you calculate what you should pay according to the Spanish law.

Get these benefits and many more knowing each law approved for the procedure you need to do. Do not be fooled, and ask for the support of professionals. Contact us!

If you must perform cadastral procedures, or need to get a driver’s license, register a property as a seasonal rental, calculate your taxes or donate a property in Malaga do not hesitate to hire real experts, who will efficiently help you to sort out all these formalities and many more related to legal and accounting services in Málaga.

After all, this city belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia where some important tax regulations have been recently approved.

Do not be surprised by the adjustments made and ask for help to know the decree that regulates rental housing for tourism purposes, which now must be be registered before the Tourism Registry to be incorporated into this market. If you live in Malaga or offer this service in this city, you will surely be interested in learning about these and other regulations to avoid offering clandestine alternatives outside the law.

It is important that you also know the new conditions for inheritances in Andalusia, whose ceiling exempt from paying taxes was raised by the Board to one million Euros, only in case of inheriting assets from a direct relative (spouse, children, grandchildren and parents).

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