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How to register holiday lettings in Andalusia, Spain

rural tourism andalucia alcaucin arenasAll rural tourist rental properties that are advertised or marketed through channels that include the possibility to reserve accommodation, travel agencies or companies that mediate or organize tourist services, must be registered with the Andalusian Tourism Registry.


The more important requirements:

1.- These shall be independent homes located in the countryside or in villages of less than 20.000 inhabitants.

2.- The accommodation shall be offered to the public for temporary or seasonal use, or be occupied occasionally, once or more throughout the year.

3.- The owner will only provide accommodation services.(no food)

4.- In no case will there be more than three homes in the same building.

5.- First aid kit and Fire extinguishers.

6.- Heating if rented from October through April.

7.- Complaints and Claims books.

8.- Have a Record of Travellers.

9.- A contract will be signed.


Fines range from 2.000 to 150.000 euros.




tourism rural andalusia competa canillas vinuelaAs of 12 May 2016, all tourist rental properties in coastal Andalusia that are regularly rented for periods of less than 2 months must be registered with the Registry of Tourism of Andalusia. The owner/operator shall then visibly include this registration number in all promotional material for the home.




  1. The property shall have an occupation licence, adequately furnished.
  2. Be adequately furnished.
  3. First aid kit.
  4. Provide information on tourism attractions in the area.
  5. Complaints and Claims books.
  6. Have a Record of Travelers.
  7. A contract will be signed.


Fines range from 2.000 to 150.000 euros.