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Accountants and Solicitors in Malaga

Malaga belongs to the autonomous community of Andalusia, where there are regulations that must be known and complied with, just as it happens in other localities of Spain.

The services of a lawyer in Malaga are important to comply with the legislation of this community, and to clarify any doubt that may arise about the correct procedures to follow.

Regardless of your specific situation, be it the distribution of a property inherited, the registration of a home or just to know the procedures to sell or acquire a home, the path will be easier with the assistance of a lawyer. Remember that you must locate documents in the municipal registers, and reach official agreements, to have everything in order and follow the corresponding steps to reach a successful result.

In Andalusia, as in the rest of the communities, there have been important changes, legislative reforms resulting from political pacts that have introduced important variations when considering each case within local laws.

Being a locality in which many foreigners seek to live, the assistance of a lawyer in Malaga can also be very useful to legalize your permanence in the country and get the best legal route to do so, while fulfilling your obligations and without missing any benefits.

Insist on seeking external and specialized advice that provides you the best options so that you find the ideal way in which you can move towards an effective solution of your legal requirements, in accordance with the law, in this region of the country.

You won’t have to face a trial necessarily, but you need to be aware of your rights and duties, to get the most appropriate solution for your procedures.

Accountants in Malaga

The accounting services in Malaga are very practical to calculate taxes and other payments that must be timely made in the locality.

The difficult part comes when, after knowing the legal details, you must face the accounts, pay them and really know what you have left after a transaction.

In Malaga, there are some obligations and benefits that can make a difference in terms of your needs and resources.

Large and small companies represent an investment that will need periodic review and the experience of an accountant in Malaga, who can make the difference. Only these professionals can know the balance sheets and other procedures that you must have up-to-date for your best management.

In the case of autonomous workers and SMEs in Malaga, even if they represent small investments, they require special treatment to stay within the regulations and up-to-date with the payment of taxes and debts incurred. The accounting team in Malaga can help you keep the books of income, expenses and VAT payment updated and, in the case of companies, in addition to the balance sheets, the annual accounts and a plan that allows them to follow a straightforward path.

Large companies must also have the tools to keep accounting books and records updated, as well as financial records and financial year-ends to be prepared for contingencies.

Individuals who have different assets may also require an accountant to know the true scope of their expenses, and income with which they can count at any given time.

Remember that, among other procedures, the declaration of the income tax return can be a nightmare if you do not know the correct steps to follow and if your financial matters are not in order. So, do not miss the opportunity to keep up with your duties, and be able to face these and other procedures quickly and effectively.

Solicitors in Malaga

The advice of lawyers in Malaga can become a very successful option to solve certain situations, both personal and commercial.

If you are dealing with inheritances, as it happens in all Spain, it is advisable that you are aware of the taxes and other obligations that you must meet with this type of procedure. Andalusia, an autonomous community to which Malaga belongs, has its own regulations.

Donations are also considered among the procedures that may require the services of lawyers in Malaga.

On the other hand, the legalization of properties may need professional assistance to help with the verification of property data being duly registered, to check if those match the official records and the Cadastre or land registry, as well as the availability and good conditions of a land for sale, promoting even the visit from an expert to certify it.

And if you are a foreigner looking to reside in Malaga, it is wise to seek legal advice from experts who can show you the best options to opt for “residence,” so you can achieve legal stability in the country.

To hire a lawyer:

  • Compare the different offers you receive and choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • Evaluate the time and real resources you have available to expedite your procedures vs. the time that you will use in other tasks.
  • Do some research about the trajectory of the companies, and the clients that those lawyers have assisted before.

Having a good rapport with your lawyers in Malaga is very important. So, before hiring their services, it is essential to make a first contact that allows you to meet the professionals who will assist you, know their work methodology, delivery times and their explanations regarding the different options available for you to face a situation. Choose those that exhibit initiative and offer you assurance.

Legal services and taxes

It is essential that citizens know their rights and duties to be able to face any events that could arise, both personal or related to their business.

Legal services can often involve being aware of all transactions that must be made within the legal framework and this, of course, implies the payment of taxes.

The payment of this amount usually varies between autonomous communities, especially in the case of inheritances. In Andalusia, adjustments to this tax (inheritances) were recently made.

However, in most regions these amounts must be paid within the periods specified to be able to enjoy possible discounts established by some autonomous governments. To know these details, there is nothing better than having efficient legal services that complement the team.

Other cases:

The refund of the amount for capital gains may also require the assistance of a professional who can demonstrate the collection of this municipal tax, and expedite the delivery of paperwork for said refund.

Autonomous workers and SMEs are figures that require advice from legal experts to keep their legal affairs up-to-date, and provide them with alternatives for their growth.

Taxes in Malaga

In this city, some taxes were frozen at the beginning of 2017, a detail that should be reminded to taxpayers who wish to solve a personal situation.

The one that caused the greatest impact was the IBI (or property tax for its initials in Spanish). The fees of parking companies (cranes, municipal parking lots, and even bus tickets) also followed, maintaining the same cost.

Among the taxes that decreased are those related to construction, modifying in addition the rate to banks for the introduction of bank tellers.

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